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3 Reasons To Use a Coffee Scrub on Your Face & Body

Coffee scrubs have been gaining A LOT of popularity in the beauty industry recently, and for good reason! We may be only beginning to understand the many benefits of using coffee as part of your skincare & beauty routine, but one thing is for sure - these scrubs are doing wonders for our skin. Need some more convincing? Here are 3 reasons why you should be using a coffee scrub on your face & body.

1. Coffee scrubbing can help to prevent & treat acne - the natural way!

We all know the feeling, waking up in the morning (usually before some big event) with a new pimple. Ugh! Luckily, we know of one easy way to prevent that nightmare from happening again!

According to dermatologists, acne can be caused by many somewhat unmodifiable factors, including hormonal changes, medications, and genetics. More commonly though, small bouts of acne are caused by something that we can change - blockages in our pores! What might be causing these blockages? Oils, dead skin & bacteria are the likely culprits, according to experts. The good news is, coffee scrubbing can be used as an effective prevention and treatment for acne.

How it Works

First, ground coffee acts as a natural exfoliant - that is, it gently removes dead skin cells from your skin’s surface while the scrub is being applied. This is great news when it comes to acne, as regular exfoliation can reduce the chances of accumulating dead skin in your pores, and contributing to pimples.

Roasted coffee has also been shown to have antibacterial effects, which is yet another reason why coffee scrubbing is SO effective against acne! Naturally removing excess bacteria from the surface of your skin means that it is less likely to build up and block those poor pores.

Your best bet is to use an all natural coffee scrub (like Body by Cordoba) on your face & body daily, to help with acne prevention. But, if you already have problems with acne, coffee scrubbing may help to clear things up for you by removing dead skin & bacteria, while adding in some much needed moisture.

2. Using a coffee scrub can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Looking for a convenient, noninvasive way to reduce the appearance of cellulite? Well, look no further than Body by Cordoba’s handmade, 100% natural coffee scrubs!

How it Works

One of the easiest ways to reduce cellulite is through massage, which increases lymphatic drainage. This means that excess fluid is removed from underneath your skin’s surface and brought back into your blood circulation, decreasing the appearance of puffiness and cellulite beneath the skin. Gently massaging your coffee scrub into any affected area on your body can help to temporarily decrease the appearance of cellulite in that area. Not only does the massage improve lymphatic drainage, but the naturally occurring caffeine from the ground coffee may also help to facilitate the removal of fluid from beneath the skin. For best results, scrub daily!

3. Coffee scrubbing can wake you up!

Yes, wearing your coffee can be as effective as drinking it!

How it Works

When coffee is applied to your skin, the key ingredient - caffeine, is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream through your hair follicles. Experts say that caffeine can be detected in the blood as soon as 5 minutes after applying it to your skin! Once that caffeine makes its way to your brain, it has all the same energizing, mood improving and day starting effects as drinking your coffee would. So, why aren’t you starting your day with a coffee scrub?

In case you needed one more reason to start using an all natural, handmade & ethically sourced coffee makes your skin look and feel AMAZING for hours after use.

So, to summarize, Body by Cordoba’s all natural coffee scrubs are great for your face, your body, and your mind! This just might be the missing piece in your skincare & beauty routine…

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