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10 Reasons to Switch to Natural Skin Care Products

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It protects us from outside elements, allows for the sensation of touch, and even helps us form much needed Vitamin D (with a little help from the sun). All this to say that your skin is important, and you should be taking good care of it!

We already know that products can be absorbed from the surface of the skin into the bloodstream, which can be either a good thing, or a bad thing. If you’re ready to ditch the chemicals and take care of your skin, the natural way, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 reasons to switch to natural skin care.

1. Provide nutrients to your skin

Your skin cells need nutrients to perform their best - just like any other cell in your body! Natural skin care products are much better at delivering these nutrients, and have even been shown to improve skin tone and texture over time.

2. Prevent UV damage

Natural compounds, such as Vitamin E, are known to prevent damage from UV rays. Look for products that contain Vitamin E (sometimes labelled as “tocopherols”) to help protect your skin cells from sun damage & premature aging!

3. Better for the environment

Natural products are better for the environment as a whole. There is no need to worry about what you’re washing down the drain, and natural exfoliants in particular, don’t contain any harmful micro-beads.

4. Low toxicity

Harsh chemicals are often toxic in large quantities (much larger quantities than would be found in your skin care products). But - natural, plant based skin care products carry a much lower risk of having a toxic effect, especially if ingested accidentally.

5. Prevent acne - naturally!

Natural products tend to have antimicrobial benefits, like preventing build up of bacteria on the surface of your skin and the acne that comes with it! Ground coffee is one of the key natural ingredients that prevents bacterial growth related to acne.

6. Better for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin tend to report that their skin feels irritated after using harsh products. Natural products, on the other hand, often have a soothing effect!

Note: if you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies, always read the label of ANY skin care product to ensure that it is right for you. We also recommend “patch testing” on a small area of skin before applying to large areas of your face or body.

7. Less ingredients

Natural products often contain fewer ingredients than their counterparts, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, and essentially, into your body.

8. No artificial colours or smells

Natural skin care products make for a more “authentic” sensory experience, since they shouldn’t contain any artificial colours or scents. What you see is what you get!

9. Less likely to dry out skin

We’ve all felt it - the instantly tight, dry skin that results from using harsh chemicals on your face. Well, with natural products, you won’t have to worry about drying out your skin from just one use, as they often contain essential oils for a moisturized, healthy glow.

10. Improve overall skin appearance

Overall, skin care products that contain ONLY natural ingredients will leave your skin looking and feeling better than ever! By providing nutrients to your skin cells, preventing acne and sun damage, and providing much needed moisture...all natural is the way to go.

What’s your favourite part of all natural skin care?

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